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2023 Summer Pickleball League

The Competition Committee of the Woodbridge Pickleball Club will be hosting a Summer Pickleball League from June 20th-August 17th.  This will be a “ladder-like” format open to ALL skill levels. The format is such that you will be playing opponents of similar caliber of play each week. The league will be one night per week for 9 weeks. 8 weeks of league play and 1 week for the playoffs. The Women’s League will be played on Tuesday evenings and the Men’s League will be played on Thursday evenings. The cost to play in the league is $20 per person for WPC members and $30 per person for non-members. Each league will be capped at 16 teams. Closing date for signup is June 12th. 

Signup by emailing Mike Kline ([email protected]). He will gather the information and we will contact you for payment. Teams should register together with one email providing email and phone information for each player on the team. 

League Format

Teams will register as a team and play with the same partner for the duration of the league. Teams will be responsible for providing their own substitute if they have a player, or players, who cannot make a scheduled match.  Please only choose a sub of equal or lesser skill level of the player who cannot play. Subs will not have to pay to play.

Teams will be loosely seeded prior to the start of league play. This is to ensure the best competitive matches possible.  If we have miscalculated our seedings (keep in mind every year the NCAA mis-seeds teams for the national championship tournament), there will be plenty of time in the season for the cream to rise to the top. Each week the matches will be played in a pool play/round robin format. Each week your team will be part of a 4 team pool.  Top 4 teams in one pool, next 4 teams in a second pool, etc. You will play pool play/round robin format with your designated pool for that week.   Your results each week will determine if you move up a court/rung or down a court/rung. Games will be played to 15, win by 2. 

So each week you will play three games against three separate teams within your rung.  Each week your team will move up a court (ladder rung), stay at the same court, or move down a court, depending on your results for that week. Results from each week will be based on total wins.  Tiebreakers will be head-to-head if two teams are tied.  If more than two teams are tied, then point differential will be used as the tie breaker. 

In order to maximize the use of available courts and to minimize the impact on Open Play, the League will be played at both the AJ Ferlazzo site and Hellwig Park.  Jeff Kendrick will be scheduling the court assignments on the Sunday of each week of play for both leagues.  Jeff will be collecting the scores for the Men’s League and tabulating the standings each week for both leagues.  Candi Linkous will collect the Women’s League scores each week.


Questions about this league can be directed to Jeff Kendrick, Candi Linkous, or Mike Kline.  Jeff can be reached at [email protected].  Candi can be reached at [email protected]. Mike can be reached at [email protected]

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