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Want to be a pickleball referee? Check out this referee clinic on October 7th

Refereeing goes a long way in helping players understand the game of pickleball at the kind of level one might not otherwise. It will definitely improve your play.
Students are asked to do some prep work before coming to a referee clinic. To do this go to website, become a member if you are not already one, open the get involved pull down window, select officiating, watch the quick start video, read the official rulebook, the rulebook change document and the officiating handbook.
The reading is pretty easy and most of you know the rules. You can download both handbooks. You just need to familiarize yourself, Ed Johnson is awesome at explaning the process, how to keep score and check for foot faults.
You are welcome to come practice at Veterans Park during open play. At Veterans we are dedicated to helping players learn. We have score sheets, clip boards, pencils and we are happy to assist. 
Please contact 
Barbara Tyrrell [email protected]
USAP Leader of Officiating Eastern Section, Gail Scavongelli and Ed Johnson referee trainer are volunteering their time to teach these clinics.
For the theory, Ed will go over the officiating handbook and answer your questions. Following with on court referee practice with people playing real matches with Gail and Ed as mentors.
Referee clinic date:
Oct 7th 1-5pm click on link to take you to Sign Up Genius:
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