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Member Feedback Requested for Indoor Play for Winter 2022-2023

Woodbridge Pickleball Club Members,

After our successful 2021/22 Winter play at the Montclair indoor bubble, we are beginning to plan for 2022/23.

A few quick statistics from last Winter:

Began 11/3 and ended 3/13 — averaged 17.29 players per session

Playtime Avg # of Players Popularity
Sat Nights 19.42 Most
Sun Nights 17.81 Good
Wed Mornings 17.35 Good
Fri Mornings 12.38 Not So Great

*Note: We need 20 players (on avg) per session to break even

Other things to note:
– We saw a drastic decrease:
— 26 and 29 Dec (during the holidays) — a mere 7 players showed per session
— In the entire month of March, we only averaged 11.75 players per session across the board

Suggestions from last year:
– Extend to 3-hr sessions instead of 2-hr
– Add another tennis court (i.e. adds 2 more pickle ball courts), but commits the club to paying more regardless of how many players show
– Limit the number of players so people are not waiting too long between games

I ask for your input on:
Proposal 1) End the Winter session at the end of Feb (i.e. last day is Sunday, 26 Feb)
Proposal 2) Extend from 2-hr sessions to 3-hr sessions — would mean a price increase from $6 to $9 per person per session
Proposal 3) Remove Friday from the schedule
Proposal 4) Remove 26 and 29 Dec from the schedule since most people are with their families, traveling, etc.

I am also open to other ideas not mentioned above. Please respond NLT this Friday, 2 Sep.

Many thanks,

Tom Konicki
Vice President
Woodbridge Pickleball Club 

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