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Luck of the Draw Mini-Tournament 8-31-22

Luck of the Draw Mini-Tournament 8-31-22

It was a great evening for pickleball tonight! After players drew playing cards and were randomly assigned their partners and opponents, it was game on! Many of the games were fierce and scores were often very close.

Congrats to our winners:

  • First place: Andre and Ryan
  • Second place: Jeff and James
  • Third place: Scott and Aravind

And congratulations to all of our players for participating in the mini-tournament! We hope you enjoyed the format. Be sure to look on Playtime Scheduler and check your inboxes for an announcement of the next Luck of the Draw mini-tournament.

Pictured left-to-right: Aravind, Scott, Ryan, Andre, James, Jeff
Bracket scores. Click to zoom in
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Member Feedback Requested for Indoor Play for Winter 2022-2023

Member Feedback Requested for Indoor Play for Winter 2022-2023

Woodbridge Pickleball Club Members,

After our successful 2021/22 Winter play at the Montclair indoor bubble, we are beginning to plan for 2022/23.

A few quick statistics from last Winter:

Began 11/3 and ended 3/13 — averaged 17.29 players per session

Playtime Avg # of Players Popularity
Sat Nights 19.42 Most
Sun Nights 17.81 Good
Wed Mornings 17.35 Good
Fri Mornings 12.38 Not So Great

*Note: We need 20 players (on avg) per session to break even

Other things to note:
– We saw a drastic decrease:
— 26 and 29 Dec (during the holidays) — a mere 7 players showed per session
— In the entire month of March, we only averaged 11.75 players per session across the board

Suggestions from last year:
– Extend to 3-hr sessions instead of 2-hr
– Add another tennis court (i.e. adds 2 more pickle ball courts), but commits the club to paying more regardless of how many players show
– Limit the number of players so people are not waiting too long between games

I ask for your input on:
Proposal 1) End the Winter session at the end of Feb (i.e. last day is Sunday, 26 Feb)
Proposal 2) Extend from 2-hr sessions to 3-hr sessions — would mean a price increase from $6 to $9 per person per session
Proposal 3) Remove Friday from the schedule
Proposal 4) Remove 26 and 29 Dec from the schedule since most people are with their families, traveling, etc.

I am also open to other ideas not mentioned above. Please respond NLT this Friday, 2 Sep.

Many thanks,

Tom Konicki
Vice President
Woodbridge Pickleball Club 

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Woodbridge Pickleball Club General Membership Meeting 9-7-22

Woodbridge Pickleball Club General Membership Meeting 9-7-22

Good evening, Woodbridge Pickleball Club Members!!

We are holding our first general membership meeting:

Wednesday September 7, 6:30 pm at Veterans Memorial Park, 14300 Veterans Dr, Woodbridge, VA.

We will discuss what we have been doing, what we have going on, plans for future events, current finances, county affiliations and planned expenditures. We will discuss some needs, and how you may be able to help.

Let’s meet on the court. Bring a chair. If it rains we will go to a pavilion.

If you have suggestions, questions or to receive notes from this meeting afterwards, please email us.

Paddle Up!


Your Board of Directors:

Nick Katsarelis, President

Tom Konicki, Vice President

Rhiannon Price, Secretary

Tina Garrett, Treasurer

Dave Bartee, Information Officer

Dave Delevenate, Board Member

Mike Kline, Board Member

Carroll Williams, Board Member

Jason Shriner, Board Member

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