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WPC and Manassas Park Community Center Social Round Robin

WPC and Manassas Park Community Center Social Round Robin

Today the Woodbridge Pickleball Club and the Manassas Park Community Center pickleball group came together to play a social round robin at Hellwig Park.

Twelve players from each club signed up through Playtime Scheduler. Bonnie Ballentine, USA Pickleball Ambassador, and Nick Katsarelis, Woodbridge Pickleball Club President, welcomed the players with opening remarks which included themes such as building lasting bonds with new friends through pickleball. Players were then given a playing card to assign them their first partner. Each team comprised of one Manassas Park player and one Woodbridge player with the intention of getting every player the chance to meet lots of new people. Games were played for 15 minute rounds and teams rotated to a different court and split giving them a new partner each time.

We were very fortunate that the rain held off for as long as it could – only raining out the last 15 minutes of play. The event was a huge success and everyone had a great time. The games were competitive and exciting and many laughs were shared. We hope to run a cross club event with the MPCC group again soon!

If your club would like to partner up with the Woodbridge Pickleball Club for a cross club event, please email [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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